Hutten & Shevock Field Guide to Bryophytes

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Riccia's easy to identify at the generic level, but they are more challenging at the species level. R. beyrichiana when well developed has an Read More ...
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Electrified cats tail is an appropriate common name for this feather moss with bushy branch tips. The leaves are yellow-green, triangular, and pleated. Leaves splay Read More ...
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Hi Dave,

Can't quite figure out how to manipulate fields on the "species page"


I should show you how to manipuate the fields/elements/columns. It's done through the administrator > Components > Fabrik > Elements. Be a bit careful in there. Creating new fields/elements requires also manipulating the database. And changing the element names will make the tool not be able to read the database table.



I installed this slideshow module above. It loads six random entries into the database.



>I have another dataset ready to upload, but the FTP site doesn't display the folders for me..


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